CBD and THC: What is it and how can it help us?

CBD and THC: What is it and how can it help us?

With the focus on immunity and staying COVID-19 free, we are turning to more 'unconventional' ways to keep ourselves and our families healthy!

CBD oil
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From Elderberry to turmeric, I have seen every lotion, potion, and pill advertised as a 'miracle' cure and immune booster, but what about CBD and THC oils? 

These have recently gained worldwide popularity and even dogs are taking some form of one or the other, but how does it work and what is the difference?

I decided to get an expert opinion! 

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Dee Stephens is the owner and master blender at Herbology, a dedicated group of people using herbs, energy, fasting, and more to heal anything from ADHD to diabetes and anxiety. With a proven track record and a knowledge of all things 'green', I figured she would be the best person to explain! Because, I do NOT want to get high! 

You can listen here: 

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