The rescue that started the 'Spekboom Project' is in studio!

The rescue that started the 'Spekboom Project' is in studio!

They started a movement that has spread countrywide. Owl Rescue Centre are here to tell us how it all happened!

Owl Rescue Centre Spekboom
Facebook - Owl rescue Centre

From rescuing owls to recycling plastic - and now the Spekboom revolution. Owl Rescue Centre never stop trying to make the world a better place.

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You've definitely seen a post or two on Facebook talking about the wonders of the Spekboom plant, AKA the Portulcaria Afra. A local succulent that has been said to aid in lowering blood pressure and fighting climate change - as it has the ability to capture four to ten tonnes of carbon per hectare of Spekboom! 

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The rescue centre saw a gap and decided to sell these little pants to raise funds - and a movement began!

During one of their Monday 'Good Things Guy' segments, Brent Lindeque and Danny Painter spoke about the project, someone heard, and they posted that they would love to come and tell us all about it! 

On Tuesday, they join us in studio to talk about how, why, and where to from here, as well as the great work they do in owl rescue and rehabilitation! 

You can listen to our chat here:

If you'd like to get in touch with them, their contact details are on their website -

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