The dangers the internet holds for your relationship

The dangers the internet holds for your relationship

In the age of social media and having a million people at our fingertips, relationships are harder and harder to keep! 

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In this incredible video from Steve Bartlett on Facebook, he talks about the one thing that will kill your relationship in 2019, and it's not what you think it is! 

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Yes, we have temptation all around us, just the unlocking of a smartphone provides us with a world of willing, flirtatious people who we can easily start chatting with, but what leads us there? Surely there must be a reason we are drawn to these chats?

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I'll let Steve explain:

What he says definitely rings true for me, and I'm sure something resonated within yourself. It's time to communicate our wants and needs with our partners instead of looking for validation in dangerous places like the internet! 

Video courtesy of Steve Bartlett Facebook.

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