Do you know your "Love Language"?

Do you know your "Love Language"?

We all have a "Love Language", but what does that mean and why does it matter? 

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According to author, speaker and marriage counsellor, Dr. Gary Chapman, it means everything! If you want a long lasting and healthy relationship, you need to find what yours is now! 

In his best selling book "The 5 Love Languages: the secret to love that lasts" Dr. Chapman explains that each of us have a specific way we need to be loved, some enjoy physical touch, some receiving gifts. He goes on to say that once you learn your partners Love Language and start to put it into practice in your every day life, you can turn your entire relationship around! 

After having counselled many marriages over the years, Dr. Chapman realised that there was a similar issue in every relationship! And when he sat down to re-read his notes he had a lightbulb moment that lead to a breakthrough for millions of couples worldwide wide!

Have a listen to the chat he had with Danny here:

Learning your Love Language can take you from the brink of divorce to a relationship you dreamed of! 

What's your Love Language? Let us know in the comments! 

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