Before you get married - or divorced, watch this!
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Before you get married - or divorced, watch this!

It took me 11 years to realize something very, very important about marriage and relationships.

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This weekend I celebrated my 11th anniversary, 11 years that I have been blessed to spend with my best friend. And you know what we did? Nothing! No gifts, no cards, no dinners, no pressure. 

It was probably the best anniversary we've ever had. My grandmother always said - the little things matter the most and I can 100% tell you it's true! 

The three things every couple fight about!

I realized this weekend - that attention and time are the most important gifts you can ever give or receive. It's putting your phone down when he's speaking to you, it's pouring two drinks instead of one or watching football instead of the Kardashians! 

Prince Ea says it better than I could ever in this video he shared to his YouTube channel.

Do you ever worry that your partner will leave you? You're not alone!

The Secret to a Happy Relationship or Marriage is this...

Do you agree? What are some of the small things you do?

Video courtsey of Prince Ea on YouTube. Instagram from Danny Painter.

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