Danny Painter has an important message for you!

Danny Painter has an important message for you!

From kids TV to radio presenting, Danny Painter has spent her life in front of a microphone, a camera or an audience. 

Danny Painter Enough is Enough

With a passion for stories, Danny Painter has grown into an accomplished songwriter, working through her father, DJ Choc’s boutique record label, Chocs Pro Sound. Spending long hours in the studio with many artists over the course of a year led her to writing a spoken work track that they knew needed to be shared. That was three years ago! 

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'Enough is Enough' is a project three years in the making. Written by Danny Painter, produced by DJ Choc and M.I Bembe, they have re-recorded and reworked the track more times than anyone can remember, and over a weekend in late February, it was finally completed. 

It’s like nothing you have heard before; a blend of poetry, song, and spoken word with a profound message carried by the music. The message is clear - Enough is Enough. From all across the world, we are bombarded daily with news stories of the most shocking murders, rapes, political corruption - the list is endless. Danny has always had a deep empathy for the world, for humans, for animals, and believes that the only way that we can change our world is to stand together, love without borders, race or religion and love our world, our country back to life.

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In this anthem for humanKIND, she speaks about remembering the words of Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, and Ghandi, remembering that we are in this together and that we are, no matter what, one race - HUMAN.

A percentage of the downloads of 'Enough is Enough' will be donated to charity, and she would like YOU to be part of the music video! 

With the launch of the song, on Friday 6th March 2020, Danny will also launch the music video submissions. As this song is about all of us, she feels that the video should be as well, and this is where you come in! Submit a short (less than 30 seconds) video of yourself, your dog, your family, your friends either mouthing the words, holding up a sign, anything that calls for an end to the hate, pain, anything that says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Using the hashtag #Enoughisenoughvid, you could become part of the music video! And hopefully, a part of history.

"We hope you stand up, we hope you love yourself, your family and our country back to life. We hope that you enjoy our anthem for change! Danny, Choc and Lifa. XX"

'Enough is Enough' is available on all download sites! 

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