Shakey Graves is on his way!

Shakey Graves is on his way!

There are very few artists that have made Danny jump up and down and refresh a ticket purchase site. This is definitely one of them! 

Shakey Graves
Shakey Graves - Facebook

His name is Shakey Graves, not really, it's actually Alejandro Rose-Garcia, and he is a singer songwriter from America.

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He started out as a one-man band, borrowing a kick drum. Danny discovered him though a YouTube and wine night and fell in love with his Audiotree session of his 'Roll the Bones', which you can watch here:

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Danny had the opportunity to interview him about his upcoming S.A tour! You can listen here:

He is undeniably talented, with a voice that sounds like honey and cigars. He has the ability to draw you in and leave you wanting more. When asked about where the name 'Shakey Graves' came from, he casually responded that while playing guitar, someone suggested that it should be his stage name and it stuck. 

He is on his way to South Africa and he's just added an additional date to his Johannesburg tour! You can get your tickets here.

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