Hilton Pelser joins Danny to talk 'Moffie'!

Hilton Pelser joins Danny to talk 'Moffie'!

After being part of the hugely successful 'Kissing Booth', this incredible South African actor landed the role of a lifetime! 

Hilton Pelser
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Hilton Pelser auditioned for the local film 'Moffie' 'countless times' - and even shaved his beard for the role!

"Another young actor who came for countless castings is Hilton Pelser. He arrived for his first audition with a full beard and was asked to return clean-shaven the next day – which he did. Let’s just say…it made all the difference!"

Originally considered for the character of Dylan, Hilton would audition again months later while in China (via self-tape) for the key role of Sergeant Brand. Once back in South Africa, he attended the very last round of call-backs.

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His sure-fire command of Sergeant Brand was undeniable. Hilton was the very last principal cast member to join 'Moffie'. His previous acting credits include 'The Kissing Booth', 'Black Mirror', and 'Black Sails'.

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He joined me via Zoom to chat about his roles, his life and his role as Sergeant Brand!

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