It's a thing: Whitewater

It's a thing: Whitewater

Antoinette Lee Toscano is a powerhouse, a woman on a mission to change your world, one kayak at a time! 

Antoinette Lee Toscano
Antoinette Lee Toscano | Matthew James Berrafato

She has an MBA, she's a military veteran, a former IT executive, a brain injury survivor and an adventure athlete! 

I met her through her XOTV channel, Whitewater Tv, where she has created the most epic community of adventurers but also, using her platform to introduce people of colour to the outdoor adventure sports lifestyle, removing stigmas and fears and personally getting people into kayaks and onto the water! 

Antoinette lee Toscano

After a long time trying, we finally got together on a Zoom to talk about her life, her loves, her goals and overcoming a traumatic brain injury, healing herself and coming back better than ever! 

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