This magician has a very important message for you!

This magician has a very important message for you!

Have you ever heard of sweat equity? I hadn't either until I watched Criss Angel explain it in this video!

Criss Angel
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He's a world-famous magician, playing to sold-out audiences around the world. At 50 years old, he is one of the most successful magicians in the world with TV shows, Las Vegas residencies and a massive social media following.

Criss is not only a world record holder,  in 2009 he was named 'Magician of the decade'. But, how did a man who often says he is "Just like you and me" become such a successful performer? Surely magic holds a different set of rules and talents? 

In this video posted to Video Advice on YouTube, he explains that no matter what you are, an athlete or a magician, the body is a slave to the mind! 

Kindness is contagious! Watch this!

Watch him explain here:

We often hear the saying mind over matter, if our bodies are indeed slaves to our thoughts and imaginations, then surely our potential is endless! 

Watch: Change your future, right now!

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