Watch: Change your future, right now!

Watch: Change your future, right now!

Have you ever felt that you need to change something? Stop smoking? Lose weight? Be a better wife? Husband? Parent?

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We've all had that feeling of being 'stuck' at some point, with something we are trying to do better or be better at.

I have a weekly routine, I start strong, don't smoke all the way through to Thursday and then life happens, and I reach for my cigarettes - the ones I keep in case I have a bad day. See how I'm self-sabotaging? You see it, I see it, but why then do we all do it? 

We have all the tools we need to succeed, at our fingertips, and yet more often than not, we stagnate and eventually give up. 

WATCH: 5 minutes for the next 50 years of your life!

How can we change this cycle? This video may hold the answer!

This Video is from a Youtube Channel that I really love, called Be Inspired, has it inspired you? 

What are you going to be self-disciplined about?

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