Making the world a better place through beach clean-ups

Making the world a better place through beach clean-ups

The 'Sea The Bigger Picture' initiative is aimed at ensuring that pollution around oceans is reduced. 

Shamier Magmoet
Shamier Magmoet/ Supplied

Millions of sea creatures suffer and some even die due to sea pollution. 

According to World Animal Foundation, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. It also reports that almost 8- to 12-million metric tons of plastic materials are dumped into the ocean annually. 

One man in South Africa took it upon himself to ensure the world is a better place for both people and sea creatures. 

Mogamat Magmoet started the 'Sea The Bigger Picture' initiative to rid South African waters and beaches of pollution. 

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His initiative, which began in 2018, came after he discovered plastic suffocates marine life. 

He then started taking children from the Cape Flats and teaching them about marine life and the importance of keeping the ocean free from pollution. 

“Being in the ocean teaches kids to think more about their day-to-day,” Magmoet told Beautiful News

“Not only do kids learn to take care of the ocean, but they take that care to other environments,” Magmoet added. 

Four years later, the initiative has done incredible work in helping clean oceans around Cape Town. 

However, Mogamat says there is still so much more that people can do to preserve marine life.  

“There’s still so much we can learn from the sea and the marine life that lives in it,” Magmoet says. 

“We must protect the ocean to preserve ourselves.”

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