Man marries the woman who saved his life 10 years ago

Man marries the woman who saved his life 10 years ago

Have you ever experienced a "that only happens in movies' moment? Kevin Walsh did and decided to share his story.

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You know the movie plot, boy meets a beautiful girl, a montage of summer love and laughter, boy considers suicide, his phone rings and it's the beautiful girl on the other line convincing him to stay alive for her. 

Fast forward ten years and they get engaged, have a beautiful wedding and live happily ever after. Except, this time, it's all true! 

He wrote "Once upon a time I was 13 at a summer camp and the prettiest girl I'd ever seen walked right up to me and said 'black is a good colour on you.' No idea why."

The two began to talk, eventually becoming friends, exchanging contact details, and even managed to stay in touch after the summer was over. 

However, they did eventually stop communicating.

Time moved on and Kevin was in his last year of High School, going through a hard time, writing - "I went through some dumb high school stuff that seemed earth-shattering at the time and fell hard into depression, I resolved to take my own life, wrote a note and went to where I planned to end things."

This is the part in the story that you need to get the tissues for.

"Somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before I would have committed suicide, my phone rang. I checked the caller ID - I couldn't die not knowing. It was a number I didn't recognize, so I picked up and it was her. I asked her what was up and she said she just felt like she had to call me. At that point it had been a year since we had spoken, and at that moment she just had to call."

"Long story short, she pried, I spilled the beans and she talked me out of it. I mean she literally said 'What? Don't do that.' And that was that. She made me promise to call her the next day, and we hung up. That night I started writing the words which, ten years later, I'd propose with."

Have you ever experienced a "this only happens in the movies' situation? 

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