No one is coming to rescue you!

No one is coming to rescue you!

I hate to tell you this, to shatter your dreams, but, the only person coming to rescue you, is you. 

Sleeping Beauty

In an article called "Rule of Adulthood: You have to rescue yourself" written by Marelisa of the Website "Daring to live fully", she highlights the reason behind our innate need to be rescued: 

"In his book, David Emerald explains a model of human interaction called “The Drama Triangle”, which was first described by Stephen Karpman. The model describes three psychological roles (or ego states) which people often take in response to a situation: Persecutor, Victim, and Rescuer.

Here’s a description of each of these:

  • Persecutor: If you’re having a problem, or you’re facing an obstacle to achieving a goal that’s important to you, you’re likely to see that problem or obstacle as if it were a persecutor (the persecutor can be a person, an event, a situation, and so on).
  • Victim: You act like you’re being victimised by the persecutor, and you feel helpless to do anything to remedy the situation.
  • Rescuer: Since you feel like you can’t remedy the situation yourself, you wait passively for someone or something to come to your rescue.

A lot of our culture is made up of this drama triangle. For example, you can recognise the drama triangle in stories which involve a damsel in distress, a villain holding her captive, and a hero who sweeps in to rescue her. Of course, this dynamic doesn’t apply just to women; it applies to men as well. A lot of us are harbouring rescue fantasies."

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In this video from Behind The Brand featuring Seth Godin - you may find the single biggest piece of advice you will ever hear:

Now that you can identify which phase of the "Drama Triangle" you are in and you know that no one is coming to "save" you, how will you begin to save yourself?

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