One woman's dream has changed the lives of children!

One woman's dream has changed the lives of children!

In the small town of Brakpan, on the far East Rand, one young woman is changing the lives of the children of 'Plastic City'.

The Harvest
Yakima Waner - The Havest Facebook Page

Yakima Waner is just like you and I in that she is a normal South African who loves her country and her people, only she is making it her mission to bring to light the struggles of the families living in 'Plastic Cities' across the country and the world.

Starting with a documentary feature, 'The Harvest', Yakima set out to bring to light the lives of the people making their homes amongst the plastic we throw away.

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Yakima Waner
Yakima Waner -The Harvest facebook page

These are the people who tirelessly recycle our waste all day long in order to survive. After spending time with the people of 'Plastic City' in Brakpan, she saw the need for education and nutrition for the children and thus Blessings Eco Preparatory school was born. 

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With funding from Shorprite and generous help from Food And Trees For Africa, the school launched earlier this month in the Brakpan CDB, just a few minutes away from Plastic City, as a safe haven for the kids!

Belssings Preparitory school
Yakima Waner - Blessings Preparatory school

Yakima, Jessie and Hlengiwe joined me in studio to chat about the documentary, the school, and the people who inspire her to do good. You can listen to the audio here:

Blessings eco prep
Yakima Waner

You can follow the documentary "The Havest" and Blessings Eco Preparatory School via these links. 

Thank you to Yakima Waner for the images.

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