Recovered drug addict becomes agent of hope

Recovered drug addict becomes agent of hope

Paul Talliard, a man who was a drug addict for 35 years, has turned his life around and is saving the lives of many other people in his community through his Hands of Honour initiative. 

Paul Talliard
Paul Talliard/ Supplied

Drug addiction can wreck your life. 

According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 'the number of people who use drugs is predicted to significantly increase by 2030, with a 40% rise expected in Africa.'

Every year, thousands of lives are lost due to drug abuse. 

Drug addiction can destroy individuals and their families. It can ruin relationships and lead to some people committing crimes just to be able to get money to support their addiction. 

The good news is that those who suffer from drug addiction can get help and be free. 

This is the story of Paul Talliard, a man who was a drug addict for 35 years. 

Paul's drug addiction led to him staying on the streets for 15 years.

He depended on handouts and help from strangers to survive. 

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According to Beautiful News, Paul's life turned around after he approached supervisors at a soup kitchen. Through their help and others, Paul managed to beat his drug addiction. 

Not only did he beat the addiction, but he devoted himself to changing the lives of others. 

Paul founded a social enterprise in 2010 called the Hands of Honour. The initiative is aimed at helping get men off the streets and working.

The men upcycle waste material into useful objects. This includes picnic tables and benches. 

The same initiative gave birth to another one, Classroom on Wheels. This initiative comprises of mobile teaching units which include libraries, STEM stations, and puppet theatres.

The units are assembled by the men of Hands of Honour.

According to Beautiful News, the initiative has transformed lives in over 80 early learning centres and children’s homes. 

“All it takes is one second to give someone hope for a better life,” Paul told the publication. 

“Hope means maintaining an expectation of good things to come, in spite of the present circumstances,” he added. 

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