Singer Kim Churchill chats about his Chamberlains Hot Hit!

Singer Kim Churchill chats about his Chamberlains Hot Hit!

Kim Churchill is in South Africa to perform his 'one man band' show and joined Danny to talk about his upcoming shows and his Hot Hit!

Kim Churchill
Kim Churchill - Official Facebook page
His single 'After the sun' off of his 'Berlin' EP is the Chamberlains Hot Hit this evening and he spent some time with Danny, who called his EP 'enlightening' after listening to it twice, telling him that it made her feel lighter. They spoke about his unwavering self belief and he gave some advice to anyone 'taking one step forward and two steps back'

They spoke about everything from the single 'After the Sun' to his dreams of coming to South Africa and his moment of enlightenment when climbing a mountain!

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Listen to it here:

Kim will be playing at Lush in Clarence on the 19th April and his EP, 'Berlin' is available for download on all music portals. 

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Image courtesy of Kim Churchill Facebook. Instagram courtesy of Kim Churchill.

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