Watch this sedated husband hit on his wife

Watch this sedated husband hit on his wife

We all know the saying - you can always believe a drunk person and a small child, but this sleepy man definitely tells it like it is! 


Silvia Caswell couldn't resist videoing her hilariously sleepy husband as he came out from anaesthesia, asking for sushi, talking about ESPN and hitting on her. He even asked her to join him in his hospital bed!

The sedation made him forget she had lost around 30kg and he couldn't stop telling her how hot she looked, having no memory of her months and months of hard work. According to, the couple were in for a routine MRI which requires the patient to be sedated and what came next is adorable! 

We are so glad she recorded this beautiful moment for us!

Watch as he realises how much weight she's lost and can't get over her transformation! It will definitely make you smile!

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Do you have an unlikely love moment that you'd like to share with me? I would love to hear it! 

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