This woman couldn't believe what happened after she adopted a dog!!

This woman couldn't believe what happened after she adopted a dog!!

Nicole Grimes could never have known what magical surprise lay in store for her when she adopted a dog!

Dog adopted / Nicole Grimes

She was 14 when her dog, Chloe had to move to another home for reasons beyond Nicole's control. 

Her grandmother gave her the puppy, complete with a pink bow when she was ten years old and they became best friends.You can imagine her sadness when Chloe was forced to move. Even remembering Chloe's birthday every year that passed! 

Little did she know, 7 years later they would be reunited in the most beautiful way!

Responding to a post on Facebook, she adopted an old, grey dog that looked startlingly familiar! Speaking to she said "It just reminded me of my old dog. So I decided to take her in, the only difference, is she's smaller and doesn't have teeth."

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Dog reunites with owner / Nicole Grimes

As you can imagine, there were some doubts that this old, grey lady was the same Chloe from Nicole's childhood, but all that was put to rest when a scan of the microchip revealed that it was, without a doubt, the same dog!

Nicole also learned that Chloe had a really good life in the years that had passed, living with an elderly couple who showered her with love and affection! "She had truly a great life," Grimes said. "A very loved dog."

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Dog adoption / Nicole Grimes

"I felt like I won the lottery," Grimes said. "I never thought I'd see her again."

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