Woman turns her life around with unique recipe for lemon atchar

Woman turns her life around with unique recipe for lemon atchar

“When life gives you lemons, we make lemon atchar." 

Amina Abrahams
Amina Abrahams

Amina Abrahams is a phenomenal woman who turned her life around when all hope seemed to be gone. 

The entrepreneur started her business during a very difficult time in her life when her marriage had just ended. 

Amina says after the divorce, she was left with two children she had to support financially and didn't know where the money was going to come from. 

Fortunately for her, she was a woman who sought opportunity even in the most unusual places. 

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Speaking to Beautiful News, Amina says she started selling pickles to make ends meet. 

“I felt hopeless. I knew I had to do something to survive.”

Remembering a recipe she received from her spiritual mother, she decided to put together aromatic spices, rich oils, and finely-chopped fruit and vegetables to make her unique lemon atchar. 

Today she has created her own atchar empire and feeds at least ten families through employing people to come help her make the atchar. 

"Hand-me-down recipes are very important because it creates memories, the continuity of the culture," she told Beautiful News. 

Amina says she started her business in her house and today it has grown so much that her atchar sells at big retail stores such as Shoprite. 

It is a favourite in her neighbourhood of Kensington, Cape Town.

“I have made something of significance,” Abrahams told the publication.  “It empowers me, and my children, and the community at large.”

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