Would you take a divorce selfie?

Would you take a divorce selfie?

Couples around the world are celebrating divorce with a selfie called the #divorceselfie!

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A selfie is not something you'd think of when the word "divorce" pops up, but a growing number of people are splitting amicably and taking a picture to mark the occasion!

The trend began quietly in Calgary when a woman "uncoupled" from her husband and took to Instagram to celebrate the day with what's now become the #divorceselfie.

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More and more couples are taking to social media to celebrate the moment!

I think it's a beautiful thing when two people end their relationship and remain friends, after all, the person you marry was a massive part of your life for so many years, why would you not remain in each others lives? 

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What do you think of this trend? Do you have a divorce selfie to share with me?

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