The Yellow Box that's changing lives

The Yellow Box that's changing lives

Healthcare is a human right. But medical attention comes at a price not everyone can afford. 

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When optometrist Werner Fourie assisted an elderly woman with an eye test and glasses, she confided in him that it was the best day of her life. Finally, she could see again. That’s when Fourie realised the necessity for affordable eye care. 

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In 2003, Fourie and his team launched Project Cat-Eye, a non-profit organisation that shares the gift of sight with underprivileged communities. The project now includes the recently-opened VisionBox, an innovative optometry practice in the township of Mbekweni. In a bright yellow container next to the Inceba Trust Early Childhood Development Hub, people can test their sight and receive glasses at reduced prices. The impact of this is vast. “If you have better vision, you can get better employment and make a difference in the economy,” Fourie says. 

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Danny got to speak to Werner about the project, listen here:

His practice also hires people from the community, empowering them while boosting their quality of healthcare. “We’ve been open for about six months and more than 1 000 people have already benefited,” Fourie says. “By improving vision, we have the ability to improve lives.”

You can contact Werner on [email protected].

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