Boyfriend proposes just before hot air balloon crashes

Boyfriend proposes just before hot air balloon crashes

This is definitely not the memory you want to have when looking back on your engagement?

crash hot air balloon image

Imagine you're on a hot air balloon, your boyfriend proposes, and then suddenly you hear you are going down?! 

That is definitely not something anyone would want... EVER, not least after getting engaged! One of the passengers, Jeffery Scott, shared the news on social media. 

The hot air balloon came crashing down and got stuck in a tree. Luckily the pilot fired up the burner which managed to free the balloon and passengers. With the force of the burner the hot air balloon was dragged another 100 to 200 feet. 

Luckily, none of the passengers were injured, including the Christine Peters and Stephen Martin, who had just got engaged before the balloon went down.

"Looking at it now, I'm actually glad we went out because it was kind of like an adventure and plus seeing how I proposed to her, it makes for an awesome story," Martin commented.

Watch the dramatic footage below:

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