Boyfriend pulls cruel chilli bath prank on girlfriend

Boyfriend pulls cruel chilli bath prank on girlfriend

Ever thought your bath water wasn't hot enough? Try bathing in a tub filled with chillies!

image chilli bath prank

Could this be one of the worst pranks ever? 

Well, YouTuber HammyTV managed to prank his girlfriend in one of the worst ways possible! 

While she thought she was going to try out a few of the latest bath bombs and have a relaxing scented bath, her boyfriend had something else up his sleeve. 

In the video you can see the boyfriend stuffing his girlfriend's bath bombs with chilli. After a few moments she realises that something isn't right and starts to scratch and itch. 

She soon realises that her skin is starting to burn and immediately jumps out the bath and runs to the fridge. She can be seen pouring milk all over her body. This is crazy! 

Who knows if this was all planned, but either way, it is madness.

Have you ever been pranked by someone?

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