Buffalo calves try their best to fight off wild dogs

Buffalo calves try their best to fight off wild dogs

Nature is brutal, but the wild dogs definitely put in the work.

African Wild Dog Face
Flickr / Mathias Appel

Safari guide, Sebastian Sakala, managed to witness the hunting ability of a pack of wild dogs in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

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In the video, you see a herd of buffalo stampeding away from a pack of wild dogs, but while they were fleeing, a few calves got separated.

The wild dogs split up and managed to round up two buffalo calves who were mostly helpless against the hunters.

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People commented: “I read that African wild dogs have the highest hunting success rates of all the super predators - I can believe it!  Their coordination and teamwork is incredible!”.

Watch the video below:

See wild dogs taking on other animals below:

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