Girl takes a dangerous dive onto a large crocodile

Girl takes a dangerous dive onto a large crocodile!

Why would jumping onto a LIVE crocodile ever be a good idea? 

image croc in riuver dive jump

Surely you need to be absolutely crazy to decide to do such a stunt? 

A girl was filmed sitting on a branch, moments away from taking a rope-swing onto a large crocodile.

The video has baffled internet users ever since being uploaded. 

A small group of people, most probably a family, gathered around at a lake to observe the massive beast swim in the water.

The camera then moves upwards to reveal a young girl crouching at the top of a tree with a rope in hand.

Without warning, she launches herself off the platform and swings into the murky water – landing right next to the gigantic croc. It appears that the task was to get as close to the crocodile as possible. 

The cameraman heard exclaiming: “That’s kind of close.” Close?! That is absolutely ludicrous if you ask us! What if the reptile decided to attack the girl? 

Watch the ridiculous footage below: 

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