Horrifying footage shows man being bitten by shark while fishing

Horrifying footage shows man being bitten by shark while fishing

It seems the shark got confused between the man's leg and the fish?

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A man fishing off the Florida Keys was attacked by a shark on Sunday, and he captured the whole thing on camera. How someone keeps their cool while being attacked by a shark is beyond us?

Parker Simpson was spearfishing with his friend Justin near Middle Sambo Reef when an eight-foot reef shark suddenly appeared and attacked Simpson without warning. This attack literally came out of nowhere! 

Simpson was staring down towards the bottom of the ocean floor looking for fish when the shark appeared. Though he says he has seen reef sharks while fishing before, he admits that this shark "came out of nowhere". 

The shark took a big chunk out of his leg. Yes, a whole chunk! 

"Justin, get my gun!" Simpson can be heard yelling in the clip. "He took a chunk out of my leg." Simpson can be seen shaking in the water, constantly looking at his leg and trying to swim away. 

After making it to safety, Simpson's friend drove him to the hospital where the man spent four hours. Simpson says that he lost more than two pints of blood in the attack because the shark tore through his tibial artery. 

Warning: Footage contains extremely graphic imagery

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