Horrifying moment shark attacks kayaker

Horrifying moment shark attacks kayaker

This is definitely not what you want while out on a peaceful paddle.

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The shocking footage has been captured on film and it's scary!

The footage was recorded by an on-looker, who can be heard shouting and asking his wife to call 911. 

Brian Correiar, a certified diver, was paddling in his 14-foot kayak through Monterey Bay when the shark came at him and knocked him into the sea. He remembers hearing the loud bang as the shark crashed into the kayak, knocking him off and into the water. 

He said he could see the shark's head above the water with its jaws latched onto the end of his kayak. Correriar froze but then quickly got out of the kayak and tried swimming to shore, while keeping an eye on the great white. On the way he spotted a sailboat and frantically waved it down, managing to get on board despite being hunted down by the man-eater.

The large shark was luckily too concerned with the kayak and did not see Correriar swimming away. 

Not only was this kayaker incredibly lucky, but it must have been a terrifying ordeal. 

Watch the shocking footage below:

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