Intense moment man narrowly escapes helicopter crash

Intense moment man narrowly escapes helicopter crash

This must have been one horrifying ordeal?!

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Helicopter rescues by definition are scary, but imagine being rescued from the top of a mountain while the wind is howling?

We can only image how intense that must be?! 

The incident below shows a helicopter approaching two hikers at the top of a mountain. The chopper attempts a touch-and-go rescue, but suddenly the pilot loses control after one of the people steps on board the craft.

The helicopter begins to spin out of control, and the man left on the mountain is forced to duck and dodge the helicopter's blades.

It is unclear what caused the crash but reports are saying that the weather played a major factor. 

Luckily, no one was badly injured, as only one of the paramedics suffered minor injuries. 

This is crazy!

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