Powerful airplane blast send woman crashing to the ground

Powerful airplane blast sends woman crashing to the ground

At first this lady probably thought it would be cool to experience the force of the airplane, but she soon regretted it.

jet blast blown away

We all know the power of an airplane, but have you ever experienced the force from just 10 meters away?

Most would answer with 'no', but one lady got the fright of her life when the powerful force sent her 'flying'. 

Many people can be seen standing watching the plane as it is about to take off. Some even go as far as holding onto the fence that separates the runway from the beach. 

St Maarten in the Caribbean is a popular spot for tourists to watch aircraft taking off and landing. 

In the video below, you can see a few people standing, holding onto the fence, but when suddenly the force becomes stronger, one woman is blown away. 

Watch the powerful airplane force below:

Are you brave enough to stand and watch airplanes take off? 

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