Blood-soaked passenger causes chaos aboard plane

Blood-soaked passenger causes chaos aboard plane

This passenger went absolutely crazy aboard this plane!

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A disturbing video has been posted to social media showing a man splattered with blood stains abroad a plane. 

This comes after a fight broke between showed two men swinging punches in the middle of the cabin, resulting in a 44-year-old man being arrested and charged with assault.

The shocking outburst is thought to have been filmed on a flight from Russian capital Moscow to Antalya, Turkey. Cabin crew had tried and failed to calm the passenger down and were forced to restrain him, according to reports in Russia.

The man can be seen yelling and punching the seat in front of him. Passengers nearby can be seen staring in terror as the man completely loses it. 

The man has since been arrested.   

Have you ever seen violent behaviour aboard a plane? 

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