Mack defends his mother during GBV

Mack defends his mother during GBV

Women are being murdered and abused at the hands of men every single day, if not by the minute. Jacaranda FM's Mack Rapapali shared a painful memory of him defending his mother during abuse at the hands of his stepfather.

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A report by advocacy group, Sonke Gender Justice found that 1 out of every 4 South African women are victims of domestic violence.

The horrific double murder of a mother and her child in Belha in the Western Cape, the killing of the 8 months pregnant Tshegofatso Pule hanging from a tree in the west of Johannesburg while another woman's body was found under a tree in Dobsonville - highlight some of the gruesome murders against women and children in the recent weeks.

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Mack told a horrific insistent of gender-based violence committed by his former stepfather. At the tender age of seven, Mack chronicled how he had to stand up for his mother in their home in Welkom in the Free State.

He was woken up by an argument by his mother and stepfather, with his mother pleading "what have I done wrong?". Mack entered her bedroom, pleading with his stepfather to stop. However, he wouldn't stop beating his mother with an iron broomstick.

Mack ponders about whether he had done enough?

Mack ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and the built up the courage and threatened the filth. "Spare my son's life please, and rather take mine," his mother uttered. 


Mack poses a question what would you have done?

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