Man dished out R250,000 to become a dog

Man dished out R250,000 to become a dog

He has his own reasons for doing such a thing, but many people have been left scratching their heads.

man has dog costume

A Japanese man who calls himself Toco has been doing the rounds on social media because he spent hundreds of thousands of rands to become a dog.

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The man spent over R250,000 in order to make himself a life-like dog suit so that he can live life as a dog.

The man says that he always wanted to be an animal from the time he was a child, and as an adult, he made his dream come true.

He has a relatively successful YouTube channel where he shares days in his life as a dog.

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People were a bit confused but supportive and commented: “It is strange but I must admit it is a very well designed costume.”

Watch the video below:

Image: 動物になりたい(I want to be an animal)/YouTube

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