Rowdy commuter succumbs to the wrath of a taser

Rowdy commuter succumbs to the wrath of a taser

This is exactly why you should not attempt to threaten officials...

image man gets tasered threatening officials

If you've ever used any form of public transport, you would know that there are rules that need to be respected. 

However, there was one man who thought he was a lot more powerful than the law. 

Since being posted on the internet, the video has gone viral. It happened at London Bridge station and it involves a man shouting about what a "legend" he is and threatening to take on security guards.

At first, people laugh and assume that the man is drunk, but then he gets a bit angry and can be seen pushing somebody into a sign and walking around aggressively.

After a few minutes of tolerating the man's behaviour, cops decide to taser him. 

The result: one epic zombified fall to the ground.

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