Ssssscary! Woman mistakes rattlesnake for toy

Ssssscary! Woman mistakes rattlesnake for toy

A woman in Southern California experienced the scare of her life when she picked up what she thought was a dog's toy.

Woman picks up rattlesnake
Youtube screengrab

Speaking to ABC, Carla Rosso from Calabasas said: "I grabbed it and as I was going up, I realized it was gushy and it had a feeling to it, like a hot dog sort of. So I let it go. And for some reason I thought it was still on me."

Her home surveillance video shows her panicked reaction when she realised it was a snake. She dropped it immediately.

Carla and her husband called the Los Angeles County Fire to help out. Firefighters destroyed the snake. They warned her that baby rattlers are even more dangerous than adults because they can't control their venom.

Once the danger was over and they reviewed their surveillance video, they were able to laugh about the encounter and Carla's panicked reaction.

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