Turbulence throws flight attendant into the ceiling

Turbulence throws flight attendant into the ceiling

This video will serve as an important reminder for you to buckle up when you're on the plane. 

Passenger prays during intense turbulence
Passenger prays during intense turbulence/Screenshot/YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

A flight attendant on a flight from Serbia to Switzerland was thrown into the ceiling due to severe turbulence. 

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A video shared by the New York Post shows the airline worker and her cart flying into the ceiling and crashing down into the seats. Passengers on board the Boeing 737-300 aircraft can be heard screaming as hot water spills during the incident. The video was recorded by 31-year-old passenger Mirjeta Basha and shared on several news sites. 

The aircraft landed safely in Basel, where ten passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. 

Watch the dramatic footage below:

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