Two buffalo stood no chance against 22 lions

Two buffalo stood no chance against 22 lions

A battle to the death between two buffaloes and 22 lions was caught on camera at the MalaMala Game Reserve in Greater Kruger recently.


Watching wild animals go about their business is quite the sight, but it is not every day that you see 22 lions take down buffaloes while elephants watch.

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In the video, some tourists were very lucky to see a 22-strong pride of lions hunting down two buffaloes.

The lions surround one buffalo, but its friend tried to rescue it, but was unfortunately caught as well.

After a while, a herd of elephants come around to see what the commotion was all about, but they kept their distance because there were just too many lions around.

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People found the video fascinating and commented: “That buffalo that came back to help is a real one. Salute.”.

Watch the video below:

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Image: Latest Sightings/YouTube

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