Woman gets a refund invoice after bad date

Woman gets a refund invoice after bad date

Dating is such an uncertain thing and things may not work out but invoicing someone after the date has to be a terrible idea?

bad date

TikTok user @fifihopes took to social media to share the terrible experience she had after a bad date.

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In the video, she explains that she went on a date with someone but felt no romantic connection with the person.

She then sent them a polite message saying that she does not feel anything, and the other person had a ridiculous reaction.

The other person sent her an invoice for the R584 spent on the date, and they said that it was simply a matter of principle.

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People had some hilarious reactions to the video: “Oh if we’re invoicing for wasted time now, my ex’s are about to get a hefty bill.”

Watch the video below:

@fifihopes Sorry mate, no refunds allowed 🤣 #firstdatefail #firstdatestories #datingstories2022 #moderndatingbelike #moderndatingishard #menbelikethat ♬ original sound - Fiona Hope

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