Two leopards fight over kill, hyena profits

Two leopards fight over kill, hyena profits

If you're a leopard, there's always something down below waiting to steal your meal.

image hyena steals leopard's food

Imagine working so hard to hunt down your prey, only for it to be stolen from you? 

Yip, you would probably be just as upset as this leopard. 

Field guide Chene Wales-Baillie at Nkorho Bush Lodge was able to give her guests more of a surprise than even she bargained for while out on an evening drive in the Northern Sabi Sands.

In the footage below, one can see a leopard high up in a tree, sitting with its kill. After a few moments, a second leopard appears and tries to steal the kill. The two can be seen growling at each other while claws fly as they fight it out.

After a few moments of what looks like a tug of war match, the kill drops to the ground, only to be stolen by a sneaky hyena.

Due to the fact that leopards are seldom seen, this is incredible footage that is a must watch!

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