Unbelievable moment leopard attacks ranger's tyre

Unbelievable moment leopard attacks ranger's tyre

The fact that this leopard took time out to bite and puncture a tyre is beyond us!

image leopard tyre attack

Firstly, having the opportunity to spot a leopard is incredibly lucky, but being able to see this secretive cat up close is phenomenal. 

Two leopards can be seen casually walking across the road while tourists were out on a game drive. 

Johann Jurgens, director of a South African tour company, was touring around Pretoriuskop near to Klipspringer Koppies with guests when they encountered a surprise visitor who took a particular interest in their tyre. 

In the video you can see the leopard approaching the vehicle and suddenly it sinks its teeth into the tyre. 

One can hear the air escaping from the tyre as the leopard's teeth easily pierce through the thick rubber. 

Watch the unbelievable footage below:

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