WATCH: Armed robber pounces on civilians in broad daylight

WATCH: Armed robber pounces on civilians in broad daylight

An armed robber attacked two civilians while they were conversing in a parking lot. 

Armed robber attacks civilians
Screenshot/Facebook/Suburban Control Centre

The incident allegedly took place in Boksburg in Gauteng and was captured on security cameras. 

In the video, the two victims can be seen chatting for a while and laughing when an armed robber suddenly spots them. The robber pulled out a weapon and aimed it at the male, demanding his valuables. The male victim quickly hands everything to the robber, he empties his pockets and the female victim does the same. The robber then walks towards a parked Ford Ranger that had its door open, takes valuables from the car, before taking everything else from the victims. 

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He then runs off and another male steps into the scene to investigate. The robber then returns to threaten the victims before finally walking away. The scene ends with the gate being closed. 

Further details regarding this incident are still being investigated. 

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: Facebook/Suburban Control Centre

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