WATCH: Dramatic dog protests new routine

WATCH: Dramatic dog protests new routine

Most pet owners try to keep their pets healthy and well-fed, and out of obese status. However, this particular dog did not like the new system. 

Dog argues over dispenser

In a video shared with TikTok,  a dog named Olive is seen standing in front of her new food dispenser having a tiff with her owner.

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The new gadget controls feeding times and makes it easier to keep your pet healthy, but Olive clearly does not enjoy being told what to do by the machine.

The video went viral because of the “conversation” Olive is having with her owner complaining about the new routine.

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TikTok users quickly reacted to Olive’s antics and commented: “she needs the talking buttons!”.

Image: @haileyhartt/TikTok

Watch the video below:

@haileyhartt She thinks it’s a fancy puzzle toy.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #OliveLouise #dogoargentino #dogtok #OlivetheDogo #dogoftikok ♬ original sound - Hailey Hart

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