WATCH: Hair-raising video of reckless driving near Standerton

WATCH: Hair-raising video of reckless driving near Standerton

The rules of the road are there for a reason - and this driver should have been paying closer attention to them.


A video shared by Russel Venter has been going viral because it shows the moment he almost got into a terrible crash with an oncoming car and a truck.

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In the video, you see Venter driving down the road casually, when you see a blue BMW X4 pop out from behind a truck and attempt to overtake.

Venter’s quick reactions allowed him to slow down slightly, but they were all moving too fast, and the BMW was forced off the road, narrowly missing Venter.

Venter reported that the truck driver did nothing wrong, and he said that the BMW should have waited until it was past the blind turn before attempting to overtake.

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People could feel the stress from the footage and commented: “Omg.., I think I would have left marks in my pants.”

Watch the video below:

Image: Russell Venter/Facebook

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