WATCH: Johannesburg private school robbed

WATCH: Johannesburg private school robbed

In a shocking video, you can see a private school in Johannesburg being robbed in broad daylight.

PVT school robbery

As the video starts, you can see a man in a green jersey and others approaching a lady seated at a desk where he shows her that he has a gun.

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The other three men start rifling through the desk, looking for any valuables, and you can see the lady trying to stay as far away as possible.

While the men were looking for things to take, the gun-wielding man picked up an iPad and waved the gun at the lady, demanding something.

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People who have seen the video were shocked by the brazen attempt and took to the comments section saying: “I hope that lady is okay” and “No security in sight!!!”.

Watch the video below:

Image: @Abramjee/Twitter

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