WATCH: Man rams car into Rosebank News Café

WATCH: Man rams car into Rosebank News Café

A man rammed his vehicle into a News Café in Rosebank on Friday night, damaging some of the cars that were parked there. 

Man rams car into News Cafe

The dramatic scene was captured using a cell phone by a bystander and later shared on Twitter

The man was allegedly denied entry into the establishment and that's when the chaos unfolded. In a fit of rage, the man tried to enter the popular hang out spot again but this time he used his vehicle!

According to reports, the man was unruly and caused a scene inside the restaurant. He insulted and intimidated customers and had to be removed from the premises.

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Rosebank’s Management District reaction officers were also at the scene. The statement from the @RosebankJoburg Twitter account read: 

"The Management District is aware of the unfortunate incident that took place at Newscafe last night and our reaction officers were available to assist despite one of our vehicles being damaged in the process. The matters is now in the hands of law enforcement"

Watch the chaotic scene below. 

Image Credit: Twitter

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