Nadine rams into mother’s car to prevent robbery

Nadine rams into mother’s car to prevent robbery

Coming face to face with a robber is a scary thing!

Nadine and Martin
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It’s also very easy to go into panic mode and freeze, as opposed to being able to react and get away unharmed from a criminal.

Thankfully, singer Nadine’s quick thinking saw her and her mother escaping from a robber in Johannesburg.

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The musician drove into her mother’s car from behind after seeing a would-be robber lean into her mother’s window at a traffic light on Malibongwe drive on Thursday.

She was driving behind her mother, as the pair were en route to the recording of `Nadine’s latest TV show, Music Roulette.

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“It’s an instinctive feeling that kicks in when someone wants to hurt someone who you love. I shouted and shouted. It was broad daylight. I looked up and the next moment I see a man walk to my mother’s window. I experienced great panic when half of the man’s body was in the car. He pointed a gun at her inside the car.”

Nadine spoke to Martin Bester on Breakfast on Jacaranda FM on Monday, telling of her ordeal.

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