WATCH: Mom teaches six-year-old about periods

WATCH: Mom teaches six-year-old about periods

This mom is normalising body talk by teaching her six-year-old about menstruation.

Mom teachers child about periods

Talking periods with the young ones can be very awkward, but it does not have to be. These chats are necessary as periods are a natural bodily process. 

Hence, Shug CM (known better as @lackofimpulsecontrol on TikTok), who is a mother to a six-year-old, posted a video of the chat she had with her daughter about periods. The video went viral after a lot of people found her approach to be effective. However, there will always be a question of age - what age is appropriate to have the “Period Talk”?

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The age expectancy for periods is usually 12, but they can start as early as age 10. This makes it even more important to prepare young girls to know what to expect as they get older. Educating both girls and boys about periods can help prevent a few things. For example: being overwhelmed by puberty and/or being bullied by their peers over an unexpected period.  

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Sitting on 4.3-million views, the video gives a simpler narration of how parents can help their little ones understand how menstruation works.

Her caption reads: “Normalize body functions with your kids. It’s important. Also: uteruses menstruate, not genders.” The goal is to have kids understand that periods are natural, and it is important for them to understand how they work.  

Her comment section was flooded with viewers singing praises with how her explanation was age-appropriate and some parents asking if she could cover more topics with their body talk conversation. 

Watch the video below:


Normalize body functions with your kids. It’s important. Also: uteruses menstruate, not genders. ##BodySmart ##Parenting ##FYP ##NonBinaryParenting

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Image Credit: Screenshot/TikTok/@lackofimpulsecontrol

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