WATCH: Pit bull chases off would-be burglars

WATCH: Pit bull chases off would-be burglars

Crime is a constant problem in South Africa, but it was lucky that these homeowners had a guard dog.

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A video showing a group of thieves trying to rob a house has been going viral because of how they fled the scene.

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In the video, you see three men pry open the gate to the home and enter the property, looking for ways into the premises.

It was then that the robbers got the fright of their lives when a pit bull comes rushing at them full speed.

The thieves ran through the gate and fumbled with the car door before running away with their tails between their legs.

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While some were praising the dog, others in South Africa were more cautious because it was recently reported by Jacaranda FM News that a child tragically lost their life to a pit bull.

@oodub Sometimes God sends a angel in the form of a dog to protect you #pitbull #crimetok #pitbullsoftiktok #fyp #southafrica ♬ Who Let The Dogs Out - Original - The Doggies

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