WATCH: Range Rover goes for a dip in the ocean

WATCH: Range Rover goes for a dip in the ocean

For sure, December is the party season, but these people took it a bit too far and drowned their car...

Range rover drowned

Imagine spending the whole year working hard so you can afford to buy a Range Rover and then ruining it by showing off at the breach?!

In two videos shared on Twitter, you can see some people driving their Range Rover through the water on the shoreline, showing off for the people at the beach.

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One person can be seen sticking their body out of the sunroof while the driver continues to speed down the beach to the sound of the crowd cheering.

It seems that they misjudged one of their runs and ended up submerging the vehicle so deep in the water they could not drive it out.

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Some Twitter users found the video hilarious, saying: “Perfect ending of a good holiday welcome 2022, only in South African”, but others were less than impressed: “The driver got what he deserved”.

Watch the videos below:

Image: @Abramjee/Twitter

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