WATCH: Tattoo artist gives fellow passenger a tattoo mid-flight

WATCH: Tattoo artist gives fellow passenger a tattoo mid-flight

Most people have a story behind “why” they got a tattoo, but this lady has the best story about “how” she got hers.

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A tattoo artist and his unexpected client have gone viral on TikTok because of the crazy way in which they met.

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In the video, the tattoo artist, Asher, sat next to a friendly person on his flight, and it turned out that she was wondering when and where to get a tattoo on her trip.

Luckily for her, Asher jokingly asked if she wanted him to ink her up on the flight, as it seemed like she was looking for some adventure.

So, after getting the go-ahead from the flight attendants, Asher got the tattoo kit out and began to work with a steady hand.

When the tattoo was finished, it was revealed that the lady got a very cute “hello” tattoo, and she looked pleased.

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People loved the video and commented: “Getting tatted at like 20,000 ft is soooo cool. You're awesome for doing this!”.

Watch the video below:

@luckyboytattoos Would you let a stranger on your flight tattoo you? #tattoo #bucketlist ♬ Tattoos Together - Lauv

Image: luckyboytattoos/TikTok

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